Dont buy Indonesian bed or furniture from klyn furniture

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I have been wanting a Indonesian wedding bed for ever.After doing a good amount of research I contacted kyln furniture and requested a quote on a custom made wedding bed.

I was told $1500 for what I wanted. We sent Several email back and fourth in regards to measurements etc. After two weeks I was confident with the bed they would make me will be my dream bed. I sent the 1500 got conformation they had gotten the money and was promised a shipment date roughly a month later.

A month and half past and I emailed, no replied emailed and called several times no reply! They stole my money! Do get caught in the same scam I did, they still are on the first page on googel search, so I'm sure they are still stealing from people.

DONT send money to!!My next trip to India will included a stop at the address they have listed as the factory!

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If I could upload a document I could show a copy of the bank wire I sent them & no bed - I tried for over a year to get this resolved and nothing was ever done on their end.I've given enough info for the owner to know who I am.

My bed & where the bed was supposed to be sent, thus I do not need to put my legal name on public forum. My order was a custom order.. Ie: the desired carvings & stairs for my dog to get on the bed.

I did not make a boiler plate order.My $1500 is gone, but if I can prevent someone else from being robbed @ least my loss was not in vein.


Perhaps it would be helpful to simply work directly with the seller offline? And maybe it would be helpful to actually respond to the statements about how you think the seller is located in India rather than Indonesia? Why would you be worried about posting your name, if indeed your assertion is true?

I'm trying to get a sense for whether your complaint is legitimate, or whether this is just another extortion scheme ala ripoffreport.

would love to see a response, 'Bellabell'.


Shall I send you the copy of the money wire transfer I sent you!Of course I'm not going to list my first and last name on a public website!

Let me refresh your memory. I wanted a wedding style bed with sitting Buddhas carved in it. I also asked for stairs so my bulldog could get into the bed. I lived in Laurel, MD at the time and my bed was supposed to come into baltimore harbor.

You stole my money & I can prove it!

Don't sit there & say you never delt with me your a liar & fraud.Hope no one else gets caught in your theft sceem!


We have never had any communication with this "Bellabell". Could "Bellabell" possibly be linked with the individual who emailed us offering us their services to get this comment removed.

Interestingly, "Bellabell" thinks we are in India whereas we are in Indonesia.

We invite "Bellabell" to publish th emails (with header information" here!

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